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Short Film Now Online

By 02/03/2012January 14th, 2015News

Disinfection – Making Our Towns and Cities Clean from Rogue Robot on Vimeo.

Rogue Robot’s new short film, ‘Disinfection – Making Our Towns and Cities Clean’, is now available to watch online. It’s a spoof information film based on Central Office of Information productions from the 1970s and 80s.
It will also be screening at the Pennine Film Festival on 15 March with a Q&A session to follow.

This month we completed the 45 award graphics job, but unfortunately we cannot show any images of the event or the graphics! Suffice to say the client was very happy.

We’ve been busy at Manchester United working for SteadiFacilities on a recent AON conference, as well as going down to London for a two day Johnson & Johnson conference.

We worked for LAS Manchester this month and their client, CPM who needed a video to accompany a new business pitch. We visited one of their call centres in Warrington and shot 5 interviews and a series of cutaways in one day, and delivered the final edit two days later.

We also had a great time creating a new promo video for ‘Kids Go Karting’ in Stockport to promote their kids’ parties.

Kids Go Karting from Rogue Robot on Vimeo.

And tomorrow we are off to the Geneva Motor show to operate jib on a new car launch.
March promises to be just as busy, but hopefully we will find time to complete our rebrand and new website.