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Lately we’ve been posting our little experiments in animation and motion graphics to Vine.

Vine is Twitter’s video-looping app. It allows users to post six-second videos which repeat continuously. These can be anything from a moment in a person’s day, a visual joke, an abstract experiment, or just a funny video.

At Rogue Robot we’re always playing with new ideas and techniques, and often these don’t see the light of day until we perhaps use the techniques in client work. Vine allows us to show off our little ‘doodles’, and also sparks us into experimentation. For example, Halloween gave us the chance to play with laughing 3d skulls, vector illustration and atmospheric 3d lighting.

For us it’s all about showing off our work, but Vine can be used as a promotional tool for businesses too – a company could create a six second video about a new product or a logo re-brand, you could get your clients to post their experiences of your company, use a quirky animation to celebrate a milestone like 100 years of business, show people around your premises, or launch a competition.

The uses are endless, but as with all social media, Vines need to be interesting and visually engaging for them to catch the attention of the viewer.

Follow us on Vine to keep up up date with what we are doing.

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