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Lots has been going on at Rogue Robot over October and November, the not least of which is the addition of a new member of the team, Robot Kit who emerged from the production line on October 16th. Another little robot to programme!
Elsewhere, we have had robots JK-01 and Bn2LE helping out on our work for HP, we’ve produced a series of videos for Stockport Council, some logo stings for NetCommunities, a short promo video for Weaver Vale Housing Trust, and we are currently working on a logo animation for Microsoft 365

The beginning of December saw us working for SteadiFacilities, operating Jib at the GMex whilst Will Young performed below to 1500 people.
The image of the R7 rocket is from our short film ‘Ludmilla Forgotten’ which will, hopefully, be completed soon.

And 2012 is looking exciting and busy, with plenty of work and some changes to RR on the way.

Have a great Xmas and New Year.