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Manchester Health and Social Care NHS Trust needed a short film to discuss making their practices safer.

Rogue Robot had previously worked with them on a short film promoting the uptake of supervision, and so were the obvious choice.

What was unusual about the film was the model that MHSC wanted to use to show how failures in practice can lead to fatal errors.

They wanted to use the ‘Swiss Cheese’ model of risk analysis” explains Rogue Robot’s Creative Director, Chris Johnson-Standley. “Basically you have several slices of cheese that represent protective factors. But the cheese has holes in, so incidents can pass through. If an incident passes through them all, you have a serious event.”

Rogue Robot built a small library of swiss cheese slices in Cinema4D before bringing them into AfterEffects. Alternative scenarios were then animated to show how incidents occur and how they can be prevented.

Chris Johnson-Standley: “It seemed like quite a dry, serious piece when we first discussed it, and in most aspects it is, but building and animating cheese all day made it one of the more unusual and enjoyable projects we’ve worked on this year.

The film will be used throughout MHSC, and is currently being submitted to the Haelo healthcare film festival in Salford.

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