We are Rogue Robot, a film & motion graphics company based in West Yorkshire.


What is Motion Graphics?

Motion Graphics means taking static graphic, illustrated or photographic images and animating them to create stunning visuals.

This could be something as simple as kinetic typography, where words animate on screen as they are spoken, to complex title sequences for a major film. As a motion graphics company, Rogue Robot has been producing animations for more than ten years, for a whole range of clients.

Here are a few examples of our work:


Explainers and Infographics

Explainers and Infographics are a great way of condensing complex communications in an engaging and informative way.

By using visuals to back up and reinforce a clear, concise voice-over, or to present complex data in a more appealing way, an audience can be kept interested whilst absorbing a lot of information.
We’ve produced explainer videos about new businesses, mobile phone apps, construction companies, learning programmes an much more.
If you need to get across complex information quickly and effectively, an explainer or infographic may be the answer.

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Gifs and Vines

Gifs and Vines are short video clips which loop.

They are great for use on Social Media when attention spans are not that great! For example, a company may want a looping Gif of their logo which will capture a viewer’s attention amongst other, static content. They could be used to wish customer’s a Merry Christmas, to highlight a promotion of competition, or just to create an amusing animation.

Logo animations

Logo animations are fairly self explanatory. A company logo of brandmark can be taken apart and rebuilt in an animation, to create an attractive visual that can really catch a viewer’s attention. This could be used as an opening for a corporate film, on a screen in a company’s reception, even built as an animated Gif for a website.

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Conference graphics

Conferences have moved on a long way from Powerpoint and an OHP.
Motion graphics can now bring a conference to life with opening graphics, looping backgrounds, logo animations, 3D visualisations, and much more.
Rogue Robot have produced conference motion graphics packages for the likes of VISA, eBay, Specsavers, City West Housing and the MoD.

Visual Effects

Whilst not strictly motion graphics, visual effects is the use of computer generated graphics to create visuals that could not be otherwise achieved. This could include greenscreen filming, rotoscoping, 3d modelling, scene replacements. ‘Role With It’ theatre company needed an animated Cheshire Cat which actors could interact with in their production of ‘Alice in Wonderland’. And sometimes we just enjoy making short films for ourselves like this fully 3D rendered piece, ‘Rogue Robot Origins‘.

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If you are looking for a motion graphics company, or if you’d like to know more about motion graphics and how they can help your business or organisation, please get in touch.

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