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Glasgows Event Management approached us to produce a package of motion graphics for a Ministry of Defence conference about the use of information in defence.

What was particularly unusual about the job was that the final screen would cover one entire end of the conference hall, stretching 30 metres wide and over 3 metres high.

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We were asked to build an opening graphic for the conference, animated holding slides, Power-point animations, a ‘tool box’ of graphic assets and a short motion graphics piece about personnel recruitment. All this is just over two weeks.



We began with the conference opener.

The conference brochure used a image of a branded micro-chip embedded within a circuit board down which flowed information in the form of lights. We used this as a main image for the opener, building a 3d version and shooting it from low angles to create a series of interesting, slightly abstract shots. Overlaid on these were key points from the conference – ‘Information is the Lifeblood of Defence’, ‘We must invest in new capabilities’ and so on.

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Inter-cut with these titles were ‘Head-Up-Display’ style graphics to capture the futuristic, data-gathering theme of the event. These were designed to look like data readouts from satellites, tracking MoD operations across the globe, zooming in with high powered cameras to airbases, ships at sea or GCHQ.

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We constructed a library of animated data graphics – graphs, readouts, waveforms, dials and sliders which could be used to decorate the screens, as well as 3d animations of the Earth and aircraft, image download displays and glitchy camera zooms.

The animation ends with a slow pull-out on the circuit board as information flows into the chip.

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During the conference itself, a Ventuz system from Joys production company was used to play back graphics and animations on the main screen and we provided a toolbox of graphics that could be dropped in as needed, as well as several other animations and motion graphic sequences.

To either side of the main screen were 9×3 m ‘pixel mesh’ screens – low resolution screens for which we built a series of tech-looking holding slides that looped over time.

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The main challenge of this project was the sheer scale of the visuals needed.

We were working with a huge number of assets and animations, across the width of six HD compositions and ensuring syncing of animations and graphics across three screens which needed to join seamlessly. And all this to a very tight deadline.

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The project was delivered the weekend before the conference to allow for rehearsals, and ran smoothly on the day, delighting the client!

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