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July has seen us moving into new premises where we will no longer be banging our elbows against the walls.
We now have two dedicated HD editing suites, a 3D workstation, lots of space for books, and a new coffee machine. Which means we can offer more of what we do best – video production, motion graphics, photography, live event filming, presentation creation and graphic design.

In other news for July, we’ve been working with SteadiFacilities again on more Athletics coverage. Have a look at the footage here.

HGA Creative Communications drafted us in this month to help out on some of their edits for Kelloggs and Zenos IT Training, we’ve been creating motion graphics for CPM through LAS Manchester, and we’ve been doing even more 3D and motion graphics work with Exceed UK and HP on their sales training videos.

August sees us arranging all of our books according to the Dewey Decimal System and putting up pictures, as well as taking a much needed break to recharge our lithium power cells and have a nice, warm oil bath.
Enjoy the summer.