Frequent Answers to Frequent Questions

How long does it take to produce a video?

Producing a video can take anything from a few days to several months, depending on the scale of the production.

Most productions take between two to four weeks, from initial meetings to delivery. This is, however, dependant on how quickly scripts are written and signed off, assets compiled, shoots scheduled and amends provided.

Our initial estimates and treatments will specify the time it will take from start finish.

How long should a video be?

It very much depends on what you have to communicate and the audience you have.

Professionals may be happy to watch a twenty minute video about changes in their business.

At other times you may just want to quickly grab a customer’s attention and follow that up with a Call to Action.

It’s not always necessary to cram your video with everything you can. Videos often work best as introductions to a subject, outlining concepts and ideas to viewers and directing them to a website or further information.

Who writes the script?

We like to work with our clients right from the start of production and so will help you to form your thoughts and ideas into a tight, concise script that will work well as a film or animation.

We can also link you with professional copywriters to help you make the most out of every word.

Can you use assets we provide?

Of course.

We can use images, illustrations, graphs, documents, audio and video.  We do need them to be of high enough quality and resolution, and in file formats we can use, but we can discuss that with you.

Can we supply video to you?

Yes you can.

However, our ability to work with it is affected by the quality of the video and the format we receive it in. If the quality is low then there is only a limited amount we can do to improve it.

What about copyright?

We will guarantee all assets (images, music, footage, illustrations) we produce and use in your work are copyright free and cleared.

It’s up to you to ensure than any assets you send us or ask us to use have the appropriate copyright clearance.

Who owns the footage you shoot?

You own the footage we shoot.

We can supply the raw footage to you if required, but his would incur a cost for transfer and delivery (purchasing a hard-drive, for example).

We will store the footage and project for three months after the end of production.

On request, at an additional cost, we can back up full projects for archive and access at a later date.

We retain all other project files. We don’t want to give all of our secrets away!

Will my footage be safely stored?

During production, we take full responsibility for the safe storage and back-up of your files and footage.

All files are backed up across two edit suites, on NAS storage, and in the cloud, ensuring safety from data loss.

We will archive full projects (that is all of the footage, files and edit sequences that make up the project) for three months and after that will archive final master files.

On request, at an additional cost, we can back up full projects for archive and access at a later date.

How do I download my files?

Your final files are stored on Dropbox for 3 months for you to download.

We suggest you download them immediately and store them in two safe locations on different computers, a file store, memory stick, etc.

What is the video output quality?

All work is produced at High Definition (1920×1080 pixels) as standard.

We can then downscale and compress the file to any size and format you need.

What is the file size of a video/animation?

The size of a final file will depend on the length of the video and the format.

A two minute HD animation is around 200MB in size. This can be compressed to around 50MB without significant loss in quality.

We usually supply files in both HD (1920×1080 pixels) but we can compress the final file to suit your needs.

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