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PowerPoint is not particularly considered to be an exciting way of presenting. We’ve all been to seminars and events where we’ve been bombarded by slide after slide of meaningless, boring information, presented in a dull, unengaging way and peppered with clipart cliches.

Well, it doesn’t have to be that way.

When Call Time Co. – a company providing runners for film and TV productions – came to us and asked for a PowerPoint presentation, we all knew that we could do something a lot more interesting than the standard slideshow.

Call Time commissioned artists Chris Leishman ( to produce illustrations for each of the slides. We then took these and animated them, building loopable films which could play for as long as the presenter needed to speak on each slide.

We built the entire presentation in Powerpoint which meant that the client could easily alter text, change slide order and amend the presentation for future events.

“Thanks again, the presentation worked perfectly and made the day 100 times better than previous years……Vicki and I agree it was money very well spent!” – Tamana, Call Time Co.

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