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2017 saw the 100th anniversaries of the battles of both Passchendaele and Cambrai.

As part of the commemorations of these events, the Royal British Legion commissioned Rogue Robot and AntiLimited to produce a series of immersive, 360 degree experiences drawing on archive testimony and imagery.

The films presented a series of new challenges for us as prior to this we had never produced 360 film.

With a pre-edited soundtrack provided, made up of testimonies from those who fought in the battles and ambient audio effects, we had a structure to work with. We were supplied with a library of archive photography and footage, and AntiLimited provided their excellent technical knowledge and created 360 backplates of dark skies and churned up landscapes. Our job was to composite the imagery into these backplates, seamlessly blending them into the landscape, and timing them to the soundtrack. The final effect was as of images ‘opening up’ on the battle field to illuminate the words of the veterans.

We also added visual effects such as smoke columns, bullet hits, air blasts, fog and rain to build the sense of immersion.

This project was a huge learning experience for us, but one that went so well that the RBL, in association with the Tank Regiment, came back to ask us to work on similar films about the Battle of Cambrai.

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