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Happy New Year!

2014. Does anyone else think that sounds strange? 2014. It’s definitely the future now. Shame we still don’t have hover cars though.
But we do have robots, and we’ve been busy here preparing for the new year. We’ve a few exciting projects lined up, but in this post we thought we’d have a quick look back at what we did at the end of 2013 – possibly our busiest period yet!

We had a raft of projects for City West Housing who celebrated their 5th anniversary last year, culminating in a major staff conference. For the celebrations we produced a year-by-year breakdown of events, all built with motion graphics in AfterEffects, with almost one-hundred individual scenes being created and animated.
We’ve put a short edit of the video on Vimeo.

City West 5 Years (Clips) from Rogue Robot on Vimeo.

We also created a PowerPoint presentation with a series of embedded videos showing a house decaying and being rebuilt. Here’s the house animation.

City West House Decay from Rogue Robot on Vimeo.

And finally for City West, we shot and filmed five individual short films – one for each year of the organisation – that spoofed popular TV shows The Hairy Bikers, Wish You Were Here, Coach Trip, Through the Keyhole and Doctor Who.
For the Doctor Who film we created a series of VFX shots of the Tardis, and the Doctor having conversations with two Daleks. The initial tests for this can be seen on Vimeo.

Daleks in Hebden Bridge! from Rogue Robot on Vimeo.

Towards the end of the year, our work for Allied Bakeries was published on their careers’ site –
For this we shot interviews with staff members talking about what it is like working for the company. This was a great job, not just because everyone was so friendly, but also because we got free bags of doughnuts, cakes and buns at the end of the day!

We produced another careers video for LSG utilising multi-screen edits to show different aspects of the business. You can see that here:

And finally, for Role With It’s production of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ at the Birchcliffe Centre in Hebden Bridge, we created a virtual Cheshire Cat.

The Cheshire Cat from Rogue Robot on Vimeo.

This was back projected onto a screen at the rear of the stage, and was timed so that the actors could interact with it. It was a big project with a short deadline, requiring shooting an actor’s mouth, isolating this, warping it into a smile, then adding a complex eye-rig which gave the cat its character.
Here’s a breakdown of the process.

Cheshire Cat Animation Breakdown from Rogue Robot on Vimeo.

There was also a great piece about it on Prolific North.

In case you were wondering, the poster at the top is based on the original one for “2010” – the sequel to “2001 – A Space Odyssey”.

So that was 2013. Now onto 2014! Lots more to come, but do get in touch if you need us.