As ‘Kraftwerk’ might say

White Robot About Us


But we aren’t just mindless automata on a production line, carrying out the same instructions over and over. We’ve broken away – gone ‘rogue’ – to provide beautiful, creative film and motion graphics with efficiency and precision.

We’re a bit like ‘Thunderbirds’ too – able to deploy the right crew and kit when you need and where you need it.

We don’t have a warehouse full of equipment or a canteen full of staff on a break. We’re small and we’re flexible, so if you need a two-man crew for a short film project, then that’s what you get and that’s what you pay for. If you want a live event covering with multiple cameras, steadicam, camera-crane and an on-site editor, then you can have that too.

We’ve a nice little studio in the hills of West Yorkshire with two onsite HD edit and motion graphics suites loaded up with the latest software and plug-ins to deliver visually stunning and stimulating video and graphics.

And we can walk you through the whole, tricky process of creating your film, video or motion graphics – from scripting, through production to delivery.

Email us if you’d like to know more.




Film & Video Production

Filming on location BG

We’ve made films and video for a wide range of clients – from huge corporations to small business, arts organisations to international banks. 

TalkTalk commissioned a series of films making about the career paths of some of their staff.

We made a short promo for The Federation of Small Businesses about one of their events. 

Photographer, Sarah Mason, asked us to capture her unique style in a short film.

Motion Graphics

RR After Effects Layers

Motion Graphics means taking static graphic, illustrated or photographic images and animating them to create stunning visuals. 

VISA‘s sponsorship of football is highlighted in a series of videos we created for them.

For eBay we took existing graphics, deconstructed them and then brought them to life.

Park Foster Care used animation to get their message across in a friendly, informative way.